Global Foundation for World Peace


 A non profit Foundation specifically created to support THE VISION which manifests through GALLERIA D’AMORE E DI PACE – PEACE CENTERS and the various activities that will occur within them

Registered in Norway, the seat of The Nobel Peace prize, Global Foundation for World Peace will accept donations from people and corporations that resonate with what Peace is

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The Vision

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Ezhno Group Inc. is a collaborative ‘Support’ company for THE VISION. THE VISION’s message is simple – “You Are God” who slept to this Awareness and is Now Awakening.

THE VISION is manifesting in the form of GALLERIA D’AMORE E DI PACE – PEACE CENTERS globally … grand and opulent structures that will host a wide range of expressions of this Truth including SATSANG, a Childrens Network, Music and Film/Photography Peace Exhibitions and much more.

THE VISION – Essence

THE VISION – Youtube

Children’s Angel Network

Childrens Angel Network

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Ezhno Studios

Ezhno Studios is about Film and Photography, headed by Alexandra Ezhno, an intuitive artist who melts into the moment with the images she captures. Alexandra is able to sense Truth and capture the Soul behind an image and bring it forward so that even the one who sees only surface images is able to experience something deeper and more beautiful than the limited eye can see.


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